Gardening Classes!

Amateur gardening class tomorrow. Noon to 3pm. Learn how to prepare a bed, ensure proper drainage and irrigation, fertilize naturally, how to start brassicas in mini greenhouses early season and what ARE brassicas!

If you’re wanting to learn gardening basics and what can be done in this area at this time of year, you should learn something this class. You will use hand tools and learn how to work WITH nature instead of against it. Wear old clothes, heavy duty boots and gloves. Plan to get dirty. 🙂

Your class this day includes home made lunch and drinks. I often include our own home grown produce, farm raised meats, dairy and home made drinks, occasionally including choices of probiotics, herbal teas and/or fresh made juices.

Fee is $15 per person aged 12 and up. Children under 12 are free with paying adult. Call or text for availability. Deadline to register is 9am tomorrow.
Bring a paying friend and get your class for 1/2 price.

* We are a non-smoking, no illegal drugs, no alcohol property.
* All children must be supervised and remain with guardian at all times.
* Please arrive on time or up to 20 minutes early.

Price List (January 2016)

Goats milk 3.00 quart
Eggs 3.00 dozen

Live chicken 15.00
Chicks-(mixed breeds only)
3 day old 4.00 each
2 week old 5.00 each
4 week old 6.00 each
6 week old 7.00 each
12 week old 10.00 each
6 month old 15.00 each
Laying hens 20.00 each

Kefir grain starter 5.00 small/10.00 large
Kombucha 4.00 pint/7.00 quart/25.00 gal
Kombucha scoby starter 5.00 sm/10.00 L

Quick breads 6.00 per loaf
Cookies 6.00 dozen/3.50 1/2 dozen
Pumpkin pie 11.00
Fruit pie 12.00
Cake 8.00
Sand which bread 6.00 loaf
Dinner rolls 6.00 dozen
Whole wheat berries .50 per pound
Fresh ground WW flour 1.00 per pound
Fresh ground FS flour 1.50 per pound

Produce– (coming in soon)📌planting now!
Available seasonally only.

Herbs, plants and seeds-
Grown in the garden or wild crafted seasonally only.

Lye bath soap 5.50 6oz bar
Celtic sea salt 7.00 pound
Lard or Tallow 5.00 quart