Morning Mad Dash

I made a mad dash this morning, starting at 5am via head lamp, to pick produce before the rain came. I’ll be at the market today… just waiting for a break from the rain so I can load the car. I’ll update y’all when I get set up. See you up there!

…. ok I’m here and set up. Will anybody brace the storm besides me?

Purple hull peas- shelled
$5 bag or $10 for 3 bags

Bells 3/$1
Wax 4/$1
Jalepenos 5/$1

Canning tomatoes
Green or red 4/$1

Snap beans- already sorted and snapped
$3 a bag or $5 for 2 bags

Baby sweet Watermelons
.50 and up!
Individual take to work for your lunch size and on up to 3 or 4 person size.

Busy Day At The Farmer’s Market!

I’m at the market. Been here for a couple hours but it’s been hopping busy so I just now got a chance to update y’all here.

Purple hull peas selling out quick.
1 bag for $5 or 3 bags for $10.

Only 1 doz peanut butter cookies left $3

Ugly but tasty green beans- lol taste them and you’ll see. $3 for a heaping basket.

Super crunchy, red taters -basket for $3

Super sweet baby watermelons!! Oh my goodness I dropped one and it cracked so I have to eat it. I’m going to get a sugar buzz for real!! .50 cents and up depending on size!

Taking orders on free range, pastured NON GMO eggs. Please remember I’m not permitted to sell them at the market but I can arrange a pick up with you. $3 a dozen

Farmer’s Market Day!

I’m picking produce to bring to the market today…. I’ll update what I have once I get there.

Ok I’m here (12:30)
I have shelled purple hull peas. 3 pounds for $10
Red potatoes .50 pound
Jalapeño peppers 5/$1
Wax peppers 4/$1
Bell peppers 3/$1
Green beans $2 pound
Baby watermelons $1 for the single serve
$2 and up for the larger ones.
Green and red tomatoes 3/$1 *tiny ones are freebies w/purchase
Oatmeal raisin cookies $3 doz
Peanut butter cookies $3 doz

At The Homestead

Did anyone miss me at the market today? I had to get some projects done at the homestead. I missed you guys, hope to see y’all next market day 😁

Just to fill that void y’all feel from not chatting with me, I took a couple fantastic pictures of an amazing plant I’m growing on the homestead. This ought to keep Oasis Homestead active in your ❤️

Check this out…. If you think you know what it is, come see me next market day and tell me your guess!! No fair using Google to look it up. Lol

Early To Market, With Cookies!

I made it up here early today!

I have cookies! Peanut butter and oatmeal raisin. Jalapeno, bell and wax pepers. Honeydew and watermelons. Green tomatoes and shelled purple hull peas!

Update: Only 1 super sweet, organic/non-GMO watermelon left! Only 2 honeydews left! Only 1 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies left! Better come grab them while you still can!

Small Acts Of Kindness

I want to share a thought that’s often on my mind with you good folks this morning. Have you ever had someone, even a total stranger, do something nice for you completely unexpected? How did that make you feel? I’ll bet you never forgot it.

I often think about the various people that have touched my life. Even when their act or words seemed like it’s the tiniest thing, I never forgot it. It makes me wonder if there is something I could do to touch the lives of others, even complete strangers….

I have lived in several US state and moved around within each one several times. Once again, I find myself a newbie in this Tate county MS area. I developed a little habit that started back in 1990. I was just a teenager then, so much yet to learn! I do this little habit each time I move to a new neighborhood…

I seek out the local civil and public servants that the neighborhood depends on to help and protect them. The local police, fire fighters, EMT’s, ER staff, animal control, etc etc. I try to MAKE THE TIME to visit with them and bring them something that I fresh baked.

They might be strangers to me right now, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate knowing they matter to folks they don’t know yet. And isn’t a stranger just someone we haven’t met yet?

They work tirelessly for us so much. They are there for us when we need them. They don’t always feel appreciated for what they do and give. Shouldn’t we think of them sometimes other then just when we need them? How about showing them some small act of kindness….

I would like to encourage you not to stop there. Think of anyone in your community, even if it’s a complete stranger to you, and show them some random act of kindness. Don’t forget the compliments too. All day it seems the world is bombarding us with demands and complaints. Let’s not forget to thank folks and show them genuine appreciation.

I’d love to hear your story and thoughts on this subject. I hope to somehow be of encouragement to you today! God bless…

Tasty Muffins & More!

Just arrived at the market but I won’t be here for long. Come get you some purple hull peas, banana bread, blueberry walnut muffins, peppers and honeydew.

I have regular and REDUCED SUGAR muffins. * reduced from 1 cup down to 1/3 cup sugar per recipe. Big plump blueberries inside give it just enough sweetness for those watching their sugar intake. $1.00 each or 4/$3.00

At The Farmer’s Market Today

I’m at the market today.
I have:
Purple hull peas
Red and green tomatoes
Yellow squash
Wax peppers
Green bell peppers
HOT Jalapeño peppers
Shelled purple hull peas
Banana bread
Oatmeal cookies

And I did bring my dinner up here with me. Home raised, grass fed beef burgers but I’m not sharing that with anyone. <giggling>
Come see me anyway!