I have lovely fresh eggs for sale.
Bring your own carton to save .50 cents per dozen.
$3 per dozen for large and extra large mixed
w/BYOC – $3.50 without carton
$2.50 per dozen for large and medium mixed
w/BYOC – $2.50 without carton

💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰Buy 3 dozen at a time and save $1 total
Example: you buy 3 dozen of the large and extra large mixed eggs and you brought your own cartons. Your price is- $8

You can either transfer your eggs out of my cartons into your own, or simply exchange your CLEAN cartons with me. Cartons MUST BE clean and in good shape. Styrofoam and cardboard, 12 and 18 count accepted. Junk cartons should be trashed or recycled, please don’t pass them on to me as I can’t use them.

These are collected everyday from my fat and sassy, happy and healthy hens. They cluck proudly after each one they lay. I’m sure they are having the most interesting debates amongst themselves- who’s egg is biggest, who’s is the healthiest, who’s is the freshest!

We are what we eat folks, so feed yourself well and eat only clean, pure, wholesome foods!
What do my hens eat? I’m glad you asked, and I’ll gladly share the details with you.
I do my best to provide unlimited amounts of green forage, insects and tiny critters (frogs and snakes) for my chickens browsing pleasure. They have access to 15 acres of woods and pasture to roam. Pecking and scratching to their hearts content.

I put out cracked NON GMO, organically raised corn from my fields for them. They get milo from my crop last year. From this years crop I now have sunflower seeds and millet to feed them. I will be planting wheat soon so I can add that to their ration when I harvest next year.

All these feed items are grown on my land. No chemicals are sprayed on them. I start with heirloom, NEVER GMO seeds and raise them with tender loving care. All fertilizers and pest control are natural and organic. I never use herbicides of any kind.

If you are accustomed to these kinds of eggs you will be happy to get mine and if you’ve never had these kind of eggs- once you try them, you’ll never want to eat store bought again!

*Please note* I am not approved to sell my eggs at the Senatobia farmers market. I can arrange pick up/drop off with you. Text or call me to my phone to order your lovely eggs!

Harvesting Amaranth Seeds

Look in the pink bowl for the tiny black specks in the bottom. They are so hard to see and very difficult to harvest/clean by hand.

Amazing how one teeny tiny seed, the size of a pin head can produce such a nutritious plant for eating. They get up to 5’ tall at maturity. The greens are crimson red, tasty and similar to spinach but much more heat tolerant. Watch for the crimson leaves offered next year during my summer sales.

These seeds make fantastic micro nutrient sprouts! You need some for winter 😎
Feed your body the best stuff and it will repay you with fantastic health, energy and peace!

Event: Group At Home Gallbladder Cleanse

Is everybody ready to start this cleanse today? I will be checking in here a few times during each day of this cleanse to see how all of you are progressing.
Make sure you post your questions, comments, updates, things you notice, etc etc right here for everyone to see. Often times others learn new things by reading your comments too. We all can help each other… here’s to our health and happiness!
<T tips a giant glass of veggie juice up in celebration>

Planting Progress Praise Report!

Happy to report that my late August planting of green beans are ready to pick! I was told I couldn’t get a harvest off them when planted so late. So much for that! Lol

I just put up 40 pounds of purple hull peas for my freezer! I’ll be drying the rest for the winter supply.

I have young tomato plants started in August blooming now.

Cabbages are up about 4”. Yellow squash up 3”. Turnips up about 6”. Bunch of seedlings coming up! Woohooo more beds getting worked up and seeds going in every week.

Don’t forget I have eggs every week.

I’m getting a calf pen and shelter ready this week to bring in beef and dairy calves this month.