Custom Beef

Full Circle Farming

We’re home to 7 bulls, 200 cows, with 185 calves roaming our fields. There are Reds, Angus and Charlois on our farm. There is absolutely no steroids or growth hormones given to our animals. Soy is never fed to our calves since soy is loaded with estrogen.

Some people will feed their cattle sugar to make them fat faster than normal. We don’t take that unhealthy route, however. Our animals are never fed sugar!

What do we feed our calves? We begin with a grass-fed diet, and then we pull them off the field and bring them to the house, separating them from their mothers at 500lbs. The longer you keep them feeding on their mother’s milk, they taste like veal, no matter the cut of meat. It’s a delicate balance which is why we do it the way we do.

We do also feed our calves corn silage. We ferment green cornstalks to make it. Eating the green cornstalk is akin to eating kale. It’s a green, it’s not the corn itself.

At 1100lbs or more, we butcher, then you’ll get a full-flavor meat. We give the calves grains the last few months of their lives to let the marbling effect take place. In this way, we avoid letting the meat take on a sinewy texture after butchering.

Half of the calves’ lives is spent with momma, the other half is spent in the pasture to mature.

*Any portion of beef can be put into ground meat. Most people ask for this type of package: Ribs, sirloin steaks, T-Bone steaks, Ribeye Steaks, Some Roast or Stew meat, and the rest made into ground meat.


$3 per pound live weight


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