Mission Statement

Oasis homestead is locally owned and operated with everything from livestock, poultry, and produce to our AKC-registered Great Pyrenees LGD’s that protect us all. Our mission here at Oasis Homestead is to provide high-quality products and information to our customers. We grow non-GMO produce, raise chickens, dairy goats, eggs, beef, and grains to nourish our bodies. We are committed to using sustainable practices that respect the complete cycle of life. We aim for embracing the natural balance of environmentally sound homesteading practices while increasing our ability to provide healthy nutrition for our family and our community. This has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. -Temi

  • Steamy Pot O’ Goodness!

    This steamy pot of goodness looks like some strange type of soup to you I’m sure but it’s just my morning pot of loose leaf tea brewing. I’ve got about 6 cups of water in here with 4 TBS rose hips, 4 TBS white willow bark and 1 cup of chamomile. This is super strong … Continue reading “Steamy Pot O’ Goodness!”