Oasis Homestead Updates!

We have progress going on, y’all! Garlic is really coming in nicely, it’s ready for some fertilizer.

My teeny tiny strawberries are springing into life.

The next hoop house was just put up, ready for next steps before it can be used.

And the final pic… who’s ready for tomato and Mayo sandwiches this year?

Greenhouse Time Here!

It’s greenhouse time! We are even planting some crops outside already. This isn’t my greenhouse, but I hope to have a seedling house like this real soon. Very excited about the upcoming projects we have planned. My next high tunnel is going up this week. Blueberries and strawberries are being planted this week. Cherry trees are on their way… these plantings will help expand the fruit orchard that I’ve already got going. Cant wait to make fresh blueberry muffins and strawberry ice cream later this year. Mmmm

We have cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard, turnip, beets, radish, carrot, and more already planted outdoors. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cukes, melons, okra and more getting going in the greenhouse, Such an exciting time!

We have done an enormous amount of work inside the store. It’s looking so cute, you should stop by and see for yourself. We have fresh produce now, eggs, frozen beans and peas, milk and ask about our freezer beef too. 

We haven’t forgotten y’all

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on up at our store lately… Well… since there isn’t much produce available right now we are using this time to get more work done on the store. Here’s a pic of the flooring going down behind the cash register and into my office today. Lots of trim work is going on. The windows for my office have been installed and trimmed out. We now have 3 working commercial coolers up at the store! Very excited to start filling them up with our own Tate county grown/raised products!! Soon we will begin building shelving units to house our canned goods and dry goods. We hope to keep a full stock of jams, jellies, preserves, pickles, soups, sauces, relishes, fresh ground flour, cornmeal, sea salt, dried/fresh herbs, spices, real lye and goat milk soap, natural beauty products, health powders, and other home grown, all natural lovely items! Oh and here’s a darling little puppy rubbin pic for you to smile at. We are still open Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday 10-3. Fridays 10-6 during construction. Please excuse our mess! We have frozen peas/beans/sweet corn/ spaghetti squash, dumplin squash, peach preserves, cowboy candy, pepper jelly, goat milk soap. Still taking orders for beef, eggs, milk, bread, muffins, cookies….. etc etc We are busy working on canning up new creations for yall to try this year too! COME SEE US! We haven’t forgotten y’all, and plan to work extra hard for Tate county this year ❤️

Prayer Request Mailbox!

I wanted to share this with you…. If you have a prayer request you would like to have posted for our community to pray about, just stop in and put your note in our mailbox. You can leave it anonymous or include your name, that’s up to you.

I’m working on designing and growing a medicinal and culinary herb garden at my place that will be so helpful. I’m very excited about it and doing all sorts of dreaming how it will look and making lists what will go into it. Here’s a picture of someone else amazing garden. Just thought I’d share my thoughts with y’all today. God bless you and yours ❤️

Baking Goodies!

I’ve been doing some baking. I have chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies and sourdough bread. Green tomatoes, red potatoes, white potatoes, apples, oranges, grapefruit, turnips, sweet taters, spaghetti squash, pumpkin, garlic, onions, purple hull peas, acorn dumpling squash, tomato sauce, goat milk soap, cowboy candy, pepper jelly, peach preserves, turnip greens, mustard greens, snacking peanuts, Cold cans of sodas, eggs, milk and more! Come see me today or tomorrow 10am until 3pm. Please remember we will be closed this Friday for New Year’s Day but open again on Saturday 10-3. PS… if you’ve put an application in for the remote office assistant position please check your email messages over the weekend. I will be responding and scheduling interviews. Thank you, have a great day Tate County!

Grinchmas Bingo, Y’all!

Who doesn’t want to play Grinchmas Bingo!!Stop by between 3 and 5pm to see Santa tomorrow. Bring your wish list for special delivery to the North Pole! Every child gets a free acts of kindness card. Let’s show kindness to others and build character in our youth. Ask for yours 🙂Come next Saturday, same time to play games! Grinchmas Bingo, indoor bowling, bean bag toss and more. Wear your ugliest Christmas sweater for your chance to win an award trophy!