New Puppies & Produce!

The repairs from the damage of the storm are underway. Soon the front glass will be replaced and I’ll be able to open back up. Meanwhile, the produce continues to be planted and nature never sleeps! We will have cabbages, carrots, radishes, lettuce, and more available soon. Still have frozen peas, fresh milk and eggs every day Look for the tent put up out front… that’s when the veggies will be available. Check out our newest litter of pups- she had 11 little booger butts!!

Tate County Tornado 2021

I hope everyone is alright after those storms and tornados last night. We suffered some damages to buildings and animal shelters but all living creatures are fine. Just a quick drive into town showed me some home’s have been really damaged, so many trees tore up. I just pray no one was seriously injured. Please excuse the mess at the store for the next couple days while we clean up and start working on repairs. Thank you to all our lovely neighbors for the caring phone calls to check on us and let us know about the damages. If there is anything we can do to help someone, or if there are any prayer requests, please let us know. God bless

Planting Heirloom Seeds!

Good morning Tate county! I’m packing up purple hull pea seeds today for your home garden. Come check out our new NON-GMO garden seed section. Each year I will be saving more and new varieties to keep expanding our selection! I added Speckled Southern Peas and truckers Fav sweet corn too. Next I’ll be working on getting the seeds cleaned and packaged for cool season crops. Consider planting heirloom seeds and help keep these varieties alive for generations to come!

EXCITING EXCITING NEWS FOLKS:It won’t be long and we will have a lovely variety of herbal teas available. Look for these to be posted soon!

Our dry goods department has been built, now it’s up to us to fill the shelves with amazing, all natural products. Most will be grown and made right here in Tate county. Come chat me up, I’d love to tell you all our ideas!

The produce is coming along… check out the corn field pic below. The sweet corn is growing strong and the field corn is too. We try to time the field corn just right to pick it in its milk stage but it’s tricky. With just a 3 day window to pick it, you gotta watch this page closely for the updates if you want to get some field corn this summer. Following me for auto updates and lots of colorful pictures.

Fresh off the farm we have goats milk, eggs, beef and baked goods. You can PM me to discuss orders and plan pick up. I’ve been working on getting my yeast culture strong enough to rise a loaf of bread so she will be ready soon! My supplies are on the way to get the cheese making going- I’m so excited to start making cheese again, it’s been a minute. 😉

Watch for event posts to get in on the action. We just had our Flower Scents class and another will be posted soon. There is usually a small fee for each class. Register early to reserve your spot, class sizes are limited. Every Friday we will be having Family time from 3-5pm. Story time for the littles, family friendly books/games/toys and even card games for the adults. If you don’t have littles to bring, just bring yourself and play some card games. Old fashioned good clean fun with the community, come visit with your neighbors. Hope to see you soon 🙂❤️

Breakfast Of Champions!

Having lunch with the gang at the store today. Our own farm raised 1/3 pound beef burgers, salad, brown rice, green beans, baked potatoes, radishes and sweet tea. Mmmm Eating foods you raised is so satisfying.

Finally got my fresh yeast to behave itself and proof for baking! I figured out why it wasn’t working the last few days, I wasn’t talking sweet enough to it. 😉

Look at this beautiful living yeast! We decided to make friends and bake bread together ❤️
<whispering- you have to talk nice to your yeast baby so it will liven up for you wink 😉

I have heirloom sweet corn seed and speckled pea seed packaged for sale on top of all the others I have in stock now. Come see me today… will be here till 3pm!

Check Out The Garden Seed Section Today!

I’ve been working every day from morning till dark getting our seeds cleaned and packed to stock up the Garden Seed section. If you need some seeds to plant your veggies, consider trying ours.

So far I’ve got cukes, yellow squash, Lima beans, acorn squash, okra, green beans, field corn, crowder peas, and cantaloupe ready for sale. I’m working on watermelon, purple hull peas, some peppers, and more still.

I put a minimum of 1/4 cup of the small seed in each package. Large seeds are more like 3/4- 1 cup of seeds each package. Most small packages are suitable for a regular family garden size and cost $3.

If you want any planting help- I’ll do my best 😉

We put the next patch of sweet corn, some popcorn, yellow squash, okra, zucchini, cabbages, broccoli, purple hull peas and crowder peas in the ground this week! Next week we start melons and maters! Watch for the awesome pics to come of all our lovely fields!! We have frozen peas, Lima beans, spaghetti squash, eggs, goat milk and beef right off the farm. Canned goods, goat milk soap and T-Shirts.

I’m open Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat 10-3 Come see me!

New T-Shirts & More At The Store!

We have T-shirts for sale, $15 and up for basic Oasis Homestead logo. You can place a custom order to add your name or phrase for $5 more. Show your support for our local business everywhere you go!…. and we thank you for it 🙂

Goat milk soaps, sisal soap bags with natural wooden bead handle, frozen peas and beans, canned items, goat milk and eggs fresh from the farm. Order your side of beef, cut and packaged to order to fill your freezer. Come chat with me while all the Oasis Homestead workers are busily planting the produce, herb and flower crops!

Special Prayer Request

We have a very important prayer request, we received tonight, if y’all could find it in your heart to say a prayer for this precious baby and his family….

I saw that your store has a prayer request box. A girl I went to school with “Paige” her son “Joshua” was born in February this year and he is not doing good at all. He’s super sick. She posted that his mri showed that he’s had multiple strokes and has a small brain bleed. He also has a blood clot in his arm and the doctors are trying to determine if they need to amputate it. The doctors say that he may not make it if nothing changes. This girl is a year or two older than I am and she has two other kids. Dear Lord please take this baby into your arms! Amen


Oasis Homestead Updates!

We have progress going on, y’all! Garlic is really coming in nicely, it’s ready for some fertilizer.

My teeny tiny strawberries are springing into life.

The next hoop house was just put up, ready for next steps before it can be used.

And the final pic… who’s ready for tomato and Mayo sandwiches this year?

Greenhouse Time Here!

It’s greenhouse time! We are even planting some crops outside already. This isn’t my greenhouse, but I hope to have a seedling house like this real soon. Very excited about the upcoming projects we have planned. My next high tunnel is going up this week. Blueberries and strawberries are being planted this week. Cherry trees are on their way… these plantings will help expand the fruit orchard that I’ve already got going. Cant wait to make fresh blueberry muffins and strawberry ice cream later this year. Mmmm

We have cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard, turnip, beets, radish, carrot, and more already planted outdoors. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, cukes, melons, okra and more getting going in the greenhouse, Such an exciting time!

We have done an enormous amount of work inside the store. It’s looking so cute, you should stop by and see for yourself. We have fresh produce now, eggs, frozen beans and peas, milk and ask about our freezer beef too.