Beefy News

We can now sell USDA inspected frozen beef directly out of the retail store. This is the same beef we raise on our farm and sell in affordable packages directly off the farm. The packaging is different and the pricing is higher then our “part of the cow” packages but this is a very handy way to purchase a single cut of beef or a single pound of ground beef at a time.

A few examples are pictured below:

Ground beef $5 pound
Chuck roast $13.45 pound
NY Strip steak $15.84 pound
Sirloin steak $14.84 pound
Ribeye steak $18.66 pound
Short ribs $14.16 pound.

Prices subject to change, without notice.

You can still purchase our 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef calves at the same price as before $6.50 a pound hanging weight.
Sampler pack is now $8.50 a pound for 34 pounds of meat cuts, which consists of about 40% ground beef, minimum of 4 individual steaks, 2 roasts plus other cuts randomly chosen to provide a nice SAMPLING of choices.


????Spring expanded hours????
????Are starting this week!????

????Open Tuesday and Wednesday 12-6pm????

????Open Friday and Saturday 10-6pm ????

????Store pick ups ONLY????
????Monday/Thursday until dark????

????Store closed????
????No meet ups/No calls,text,emails????
????On Sundays????

A Beef Tallow Rendering Class Coming Soon!

Collecting up some beef tallow from our farm to do a rendering class. Be on the watch for that to come up!

We are now able to offer USDA inspected beef so we can now sell meat one package at a time or by the package as a % of the beef. Let’s chat about your families needs….

Chickens are giving me plenty of eggs! I’m so proud of my girls. They give me 4 different shades of brown, green and blue eggs every single day. Let me know when you need some $4 a dozen!

We are grinding fresh wheat flour now. You can order WHOLE wheat or regular wheat flour by the pound.

Wheat is $2 a pound. Triticale is $2.25 pound.

Berries to grind yourself at home are:

Wheat .60 cents pound.

Triticale .85 cents pound.

Come see me!

Potato Class Update

All of you that signed up for the fall potato planting class… it’s time to check if your taters have sprouted. If you have any in these types of net bags, I would recommend that you carefully remove them while the sprouts are still small so you don’t break them off.

Go ahead and start sorting through them. If you have any that are getting rotten remove them immediately. If you have some that have not yet sprouted, mix them in with ones that have. As the potatoes mature, they give off gasses that encourage the rest to ripen faster.

Normally, during regular fresh eating storage of your harvest, you would pull out the sprouted spuds immediately and use them befor they get rotten. Discard rotten ones right away and keep only in sprouted spuds for long term storage.

So for fall planting you WANT to use the potatoes that HAVE sprouted. For long term fresh eating storage you want to use the sprouted ones first, keep unsprouted ones for longest possible fresh eating storage. Keep them separated so the sprouting ones do not cause the unsprouted ones to ripen faster then your family can eat them.

Always sort through and rotate your storage pantry/root cellar/freezer/fridge/items regularly.

Potato Growing Class

Ok folks…. we have up to 6 weeks until it’s time to start our own potato plantings. If y’all want to plant them this year, let’s get started. Buy your own bag of taters- whichever kind you like best. Whatever poundage you buy, will easily multiply by 5-10x that amount. So plan out accordingly.

Order or find your certified seed stock and get them purchased soon! If you want to try planting store bought, they need to begin to sprout soon so that the inhibitor chemicals they’ve sprayed on them is worn off good enough. So older taters are best. ????

Once started by early to mid September, you’ll be harvesting by end of December. Do not let them stay out to freeze during late Dec, Jan/Feb. store indoors until end of Feb, then we do our next planting again.

You can hold back some of the ones you grew for seeds to start again but ALWAYS ALWAYS, get new potato “seeds” from someone else. Saving same DNA generation after generation is what led to the Great Potato Famine that killed hundreds of thousands of ppl over in Europe.

The technique I’ll show you requires no tilling, no tractor, and no digging up of taters! Perfect for compact gardeners, urban areas, and even traditional garden rows planting. I’m planning this class to be held in for several weeks. Class fee is $15 per adult and children 12 and up. No children under 12 years old during class please. Must prepay and schedule depending on class openings. Max 6 persons per class. Please message/text/call to reserve your spot.

On Saturdays at 3pm until 5pm
Sat 8/19
Sat 8/26
Sat 9/2

Or on Wednesdays at 1pm until 3pm