Steamy Pot O’ Goodness!

This steamy pot of goodness looks like some strange type of soup to you I’m sure but it’s just my morning pot of loose leaf tea brewing. I’ve got about 6 cups of water in here with 4 TBS rose hips, 4 TBS white willow bark and 1 cup of chamomile. This is super strong and I’ll dilute it with 50% water when I finish straining. 😉

This will be a nice change from the drowning of mullein and echinacea teas I’ve been drinking for 2 days to clear my sinuses and lungs out.

You might wonder why in the world would I use loose leaf tea, it looks so messy and sometimes even after straining there’s bits of herb in my cup, right? Well it’s simple really. I don’t disagree with those points but it’s also valid to say that reducing waste as much as I can does matter and even tiny tea bags count. Plus after straining the tiny bits of herb left in on my tongue serve to remind me of my connection to nature. I don’t especially like being fully removed from the calming touch of nature. Feeling bits of healing herbs on my tongue keeps me connected to this beautiful bounty we have at at our fingertips for healing ourselves.

Onion and garlic skins….

Have you tried using onion or garlic peels for skin conditions?
Save it and put in cheese cloth, a giant tea ball, clean sock or just strain it out-and boil in water for 15 mins. You can soak feet for athletes foot, soak a cloth for a poultice and put on irritated areas for couple minutes. Rinse and rinse repeat until you notice relief.
You can drink it for muscle cramps and a sleeping aid. Reduces cholesterol and strengthens your heart.
Crush the dried papery skins and add to home made bread dough for a mild flavor and nutritive additions. I use my mortar and pestle.
Take a peek at all the information online about the amazing health benefits of using the skins for your family’s health.
My idea, and I’m betting it’s already been done by someone, somewhere… is to combine dried pulverized skins with some other type of dense fibrous natural material and make paper out of it. I bet it can be done! What stories and ideas do you have?

Making Feed On The Homestead

Making feed for finishing out our beef calves, chickens, goats, and for our customers to feed their own livestock as well. You can buy our beef, eggs, raw milk and other products directly off our farm to your freezer or your family’s table. We do this fresh every week, using ONLY the grains we grow on our own farm ground right here locally in Tate county MS. Never any soy! You can count on us for a holistic, fresh, NON GMO product.

The eggs are coming back in… slowly 🙂

We are starting to get more and more eggs again. I’m not sure if it was the cheeky conversation I had with the girls a couple weeks ago or maybe the special feed mix I whipped up for them that got their booties back in gear but either way, we are all happy to see the results.

We are busy hatching out brand new baby chicks as well. Should have close to 60 new chicks to add to the flock by end of February. My goal is to expand my operation by a few hundred more by end of summer.

Speaking of hatching chicks, would anyone be interested to learn how to incubate and raise up your own chicks at home using fertile eggs? I’m going to offer a class on this here real soon. So grab your friends and get them ready to come with you, for a hands on approach to chick hatching. Watch my page for date/time announcement and your chance to sign up.


Found a baby kitten under momma hen in the nest box this morning! Momma hen didn’t mind to keep this furry critter warm all night. The brand new mother cat isn’t sure exactly how to care for her babies so we will need to intervene for her. We found another one of her babies on the front porch this morning, as if asking us for help.

This is definitely one aspect of living the FARM LIFE that keeps us on our toes. Now my morning routine has to be altered to accommodate finding the proper mother for these 2 little furballs if I can. Trying to reunite them and observe if she will care for them. If not, we will need to assume all those duties every day and all night. Tiny kittens require round the clock care without fail to survive! it is a serious commitment, anyone want to volunteer? 😉

PS… if you are wondering why there are plastic easter eggs in the nest box, its simple. We use them filled with dirt and sealed shut, to help train the hens where to lay their eggs. They prefer to keep them in clutches, so if we provide a few that can always sit there without ever getting rotten, they’ll learn to lay their own eggs right with them.

Fresh picked edamame

If you like to get a powerful source of protein from vegetables, soy beans can help! We hand pick them still soft out of the field, hand shell them, weigh and bag into 1 pound increments. Each bag makes 4 servings, yielding 18 grams of protein per person. At a price of $8 per pound, you can serve your family a high vegetable protein, sourced right here in Tate county, for about $2 per person. 1 pound bags are frozen and stored all year round after our once a year harvest.