Fresh Goat Milk!

We now have fresh goat milk coming in again.

Beef/Pork/Goat meat updates: I still have for sale: 4 pork packages available. 5 chevon packages available. 6 beef packages available. The butcher is ready for this January beef and chevon to be taken in tomorrow morning. So get your freezers and remaining payments ready. I will update y’all again, when the butcher is ready for us to pick up.

Important Announcements!

We are going to be available to meet folks at the store Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 this week. We have 10# pork packages for $42 available. There are still some beef packages available to get in on the January butcher. We have round rolls of hay $35Square bales of straw $6All purpose animal feed, 5-gallon bucket $8 refill. BYO Bucket or pay $10 deposit for ours. Deer/animal whole shelled corn $50 for drum full. BYO drum or pay $20 deposit for one of our drums. Egg laying is picking back up, chickens, dairy goats are milking again….. Frozen peas, corn, blackberries etc from summer. Canned preserves. What do y’all need that could be grown or made off the farm? We just might have it. Give us a message on here or call. We will be closed and unavailable 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10

New Arrival! Meet Ivy!

Welcome our new sweetheart into the world. The mothers name is Neri, she is Toggenburg. Her second time kidding gave us a precious little girl we named Ivy. Born first thing this morning and already bouncing around with the joy of life. It just replenishes my soul to watch these babies bounce and flip around. So excited for the new year coming up! We have BIG plans in store for our friends, customers, employees and family. Stay tuned y’all and don’t forget to buy a cold drink from the outside vending machine for a chance at the raffle prize. Look at bottom of can for a STAR!

Beef Update

BEEF CUSTOMER UPDATE: I have packages ready to go for these next folks in the order they reserved their meat. Lynn GrayLaurie FisherAnna RaineyJulie TurnerThe store is NOT open today or tomorrow but I would still like to get y’all your meat so we can enjoy our Christmas holiday without that errand to run. Please contact me asap and I’ll meet you at the store today or tomorrow.

Goat Meat Time!

It’s Goat meat time of year on the farm y’all. Anyone interested or if you know anyone interested, please have them contact me. Here are the details: We have chevon for $3 pound live weight. Cabrito for $3.60 a pound live weight. We transport to a state-inspected butcher for free. You’ll pay processing and packaging costs to cover the butcher’s costs, which I believe is a minimum of $80 or .80 cents a pound whichever is greater. We pick up from butcher for you for free. You’ll meet us in Senatobia to pick up your meat package. 20% estimated total deposit required. Pay remaining balance due at time of pick up. Card transactions are charged additional fees through Square card services. #Cabrito #Senatobia #GOAT #chevon #butcher

The Pepsi Shipment Came & A Fun New Contest!

We finally got a partial Pepsi product order in. I know so many other stores are experiencing the same shortages and delays as well. Trying to be patient though 😆So I was able to restock the outside and inside drink coolers. We have Pepsi, coke, Mountain Dew, sprite, Diet Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Rockstar energy drinks, sweet leaf tea, Gatorade, cold water, 7-up, Starbucks, some fruit juices and a whole lot more variety is coming with the next order. Hubby wants to do something fun with our outside Pepsi machine. This week I’m going to mark the bottom of 5 random drink cans to win a prize in store. If you see a STAR on the bottom, come see me for your prize. 😊 I’m not giving any clues what the prizes could be either! Use your imagination. Lol


We did get the beef taken to the butcher right on schedule on 12/8 so be prepared with your freezer space and any remainder payments due. We will set appointments up for y’all to pick up your package just like we always do. I’ll update y’all again soon (usually it’s ready about 2 weeks from butcher date) when I know more! I still have packages available for the pork as well. Msg me for details.

BEEF CUSTOMER Update for 12/3/21


A reminder for those with current orders pending…

Our next butcher date is 12/8/21.

If you’ve already paid your deposit, your package will be made available to you in the order the deposits were paid. Please remember that some of the later deposits that have been paid, will not be included in this go around but will be served first in the January butcher schedule.

Once we take the beef to the butcher there is a 10-14 day wait period for processing and proper aging. Believe me, you do not want to rush the aging process. Your meat will taste much better the longer we let the butcher age it. 😀

I will keep y’all updated regularly so you’ll have time to be prepared. Please make sure to have the remainder due paid on time. Also, take note that we are in our winter store hours schedule from now until about the end of February. The store is only open Friday and Saturday 10-3.

Beef Customer Update:

If you have a current order placed for your beef package, the approximate pickup date has been changed to mid-December due to Deer season impacting the butcher’s schedule. The next possible butcher date will be mid-January.

There are still a couple of beef packages available for this December pickup, but VERY FEW. Get yours reserved ASAP! If you have any questions, top in during business hours or give us a call!