Crops Updates: Sweet Corn This Weekend!!!!!!

I’ve gone down through my list of prepaid invoices for regular bicolor super sweet corn and contacted everyone I could find. I am not able to find customer Debra Nelson on my messages but I sent her an email. We have this type of corn coming in strong right now. If you prepaid and you haven’t been contacted message me right away please.

If you’d like to get some still, message me on Facebook or text directly to my phone. We are still picking daily and I’ll meet you this evening at the store-6pm if you want to get it today! I’ll also be here Thur/Fri/sat 10-3

Get this super sweet corn before it’s gone!

Estimating the Silver Queen NON GMO sweet corn will be ready this weekend. Watch my page for updates. I have 2 more fields planted of NON-GMO after this. Pray the critters and weather don’t take it and I’ll have more for you later. 😉

BUTTER BEANS AND BUTTER PEAS ARE NOT EVEN BLOOMING YET! Same with green beans. Please watch my page for updates. Thank you

Silver Queen Sweet Corn Should Be Ready By This Weekend

The silver queen NON-GMO sweet corn should be ready by this weekend. The field corn is making ears so not ready yet. The regular sweet corn is ready right now and it’s juicy and sweet! Speckled purple hull are coming in gradually and will be available for sales in 1# bag increments at $6 each for now. We are not ready to harvest the whole field yet to sell bushels but I am still taking orders for speckled purple hull bushels at $40 each. I will have peaches, grapes, maters, and more this week. Message me if you need something 👍

Fulfilling Prepaid Sweet Corn Orders This Morning, PLUS MORE!

We are pulling sweet corn this morning to fill prepaid orders! We are checking the field corn next. If you prepaid for regular sweet corn, I should have your order today. I still have shelled 1# bags of purple hull peas. Only ONE POUND of shelled speckled purple hull left!!!

Big maters, yellow squash, zucchini, onions, taters, sweet taters, turnips, cukes, grapes, peaches, apples, frozen cut off sweet corn, frozen crowder peas, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cold drinks, frozen goat milk, and more! Come see me 10-3 today

🔜Canning Class: Aug 17th @7pm!!!!


You will learn the beginner basics of water bath home canning. If you’ve never canned before or it’s been forever and you’d like a refresher course, this class is for you. If you’ve got a garden going, save up your fresh veggies for a few days before the class. Let’s see what we can create and can up from your garden bounty!
This water bath method is the easiest way to get started learning how to can at home. You’ll learn what equipment you need, how to use them properly and safely, how to make successful simple recipes, and how to provide tasty, fresh, homemade jars of goodies for your friends and family. CLASS SIZE IS STRICTLY LIMITED to 6 students at a time.
What you’ll need: a case of brand new pint jars with lids and rings still in their new packaging. A couple of grocery store sacks of fresh produce, a recipe you want to try, and the seasonings/spices/salts/etc needed for your recipe. We will discuss this in detail before class begins. You will be taking home your creations plus we can all taste and swap our goodies together! $30 per person class fee, must be prepaid. Minimum age of 12 and up.

Purple Hull Peas Are Sold Out

This purple hull pea field is sold out. I will not be able to take any more orders for bushels at this time. I will continue to have some more shelled peas available bagged in 1# increments for $6 each. I do have another patch of purple hull peas planted. Depending on the weather we could start seeing them come in around the end of August through mid-September. Keep watching my page for updates.

The next patch of speckled purple hull peas will be coming in soon. They will be $40 a bushel. You can reserve your bushel by sending me a message with your email address so I can invoice you. Please pay your invoice within 24 hours to secure your order.

The next patch of sweet corn is about to come in and there is a chance for ONE FINAL FIELD corn patch to come in within the next week or so. This will definitely be the last FIELD corn for this year, IF it comes in and doesn’t get hard due to excessive heat. Please message me with your email address so I can invoice you to hold your order. If the field corn turns too fast, I will refund your pre-paid invoice. (Minimum 24 ears- no maximum limit) .50 per ear

Okra is doing well in this heat but other veggies are struggling. We are a few weeks away from butter beans and zipper cream crowder peas. Another month away from butter peas and other pea varieties. Keep watching my page for updates. You will be able to prepay for each of these crops as they get closer to being picked.

The long-awaited NON-GMO SWEET CORN is starting to produce silks. It will be available in about a week. Please message me for your pre-paid orders (minimum 24 ears, max 100 ears). Pay your invoice within 24 hours to hold your place in the list .50 per ear.

Bagging Up Peas

We are sorting and bagging yalls purple hull peas. Hoping to have most orders filled for pick up tomorrow. Watch my page for updates and pick up instructions!

We are trying to make sure your peas aren’t full of these nasty tomato horn worms, super dried out peas or too many string beans skinny peas. 👍

Purple Hull Peas Are Coming!


As of 2:30 pm Sunday 7/24, we have received a ton of purple hull unshelled bushel prepay orders that I would like to get taken care of in the order they all paid before I accept anymore prepay orders. I want to be careful not to over sell this purple hull field and risk disappointing too many folks. Let me get everyone whom has already paid their invoices taken care of and I’ll post again if I can reopen prepay invoicing on this field. Thank y’all so much!

We are starting to pick purple hull peas by the acre tomorrow morning. I will have bushels of peas available FOR A VERY SHORT WINDOW OF TIME. If they don’t sell within 3 days of being picked I MUST shell them and freeze them before they go bad.

The price is $36 per bushel

Once shelled and bagged into 1 pound increments, they are $6 each.

I am taking prepaid orders as of right now. Please send me a message including your email address so I can invoice you. By Wednesday, all harvested bushels that have not sold will have to shelled.

The next FIELD CORN patch is ready now. If you want some please message me with your email address so I can invoice you. I will be picking field corn for PREPAID customers only-this time. This field corn picking will be over by Tuesday.

We will have an upcoming patch of sweet corn and old fashioned speckled purple hull peas coming in within the next week. You can place an order for these as well and prepay to ensure you get yours.

Beef Customer Update

If you have an order placed at this time, we are taking the beef to the butcher by end of this week. After the beef has been aged and processed, I’ll be letting y’all know to come pick up your order. Please have your freezer space and remainder due within the next 10-14 days. If you need us to hold it a bit longer for you, that’s fine. Just let us know… tasty beef is headed your way soon!