Remote Office Assistant Application

Hello my name is Temi, the owner of Oasis Homestead. This is an introduction to what some of the job duties would be for the position you applied for and a preliminary interview questionnaire.

I have a team of farm hands that help me grow fresh produce, raise chickens/eggs, dairy goats, beef and grain crops for sale directly to the public right here in Tate county.

I am looking for a new member to join our team as a virtual office assistant. I need some help managing paperwork, record keeping, managing business expense receipts, creating educational materials for the employees, productivity reports, and other such tasks.

One of the most important tools we use to run our business is a virtual communications system called Trello, please look it up and explore how it works. In an average week, you will be creating to do lists, going back over lists that have been completed and review them for accuracy. You will be compiling reports based on data gathered through Trello by the employees every day of the year.

You may need to create a graph chart and make it accessible for the employees to use through Trello. You’ll be transcribing verbal messages from me into minutes/reports and/or training material for the business.

Each week you’ll be picking up receipts and paperwork to be categorized, added into various reports and captured by QuickBooks receipts function. Periodically through the year we do some FB marketplace/Craigslist/MS Market Bulletin/Newspaper advertisements, which would be something you’ll need to handle.

Produce management on the scale we do is more complicated than most realize. There is a lot of record keeping and planning involved. You’ll be helping organize site mapping, rotational plantings, schedule weekly produce tasks and create to do lists for the farmhands using data you collect from Trello and direction from me. When the farmhands pick produce the quantities must be cataloged in our inventory system to correctly pay them their wages as well as run our store for the public. Seed inventory must be maintained accurately and orders placed timely to plant at proper time during each season.

As we have new baby goats, calves and pups born, you’ll be updating birthing records in specific software we use. Cattle tagging, vaccination records, medical treatments, breeding, chick hatching, milking programs and all sorts of other records must be maintained all year round.

These are examples of some of your responsibilities. In order for you to have a more complete understanding of how and where things work for our business, you’ll be spending some time on site training and learning some basics. You need to fully understand what’s being expected so you can do your best and I plan to give you all the insight you need.

While your schedule can be reasonably flexible, you will have assigned tasks for certain days of each week as well as project deadlines that must be met. This position requires someone whom can hold themselves accountable to be on time, accurate and dependable. This is considered a part time position at this time but the more valuable you become to our team, the more responsibilities you will be given and hence the more hours you can work.

You will need to come to work in person 2-6 times per month on average. This estimate would be effective after your initial training has concluded to pick up and drop off paperwork, assignments and follow up training.

Please make sure to answer all questions completely and accurately. Once reviewed, we’ll be in contact with you to schedule an interview.

We require you to be 18 years old or older
Example: Apple 6plus
A computer is required for this position.