Happy Independence Day!


We went home around 3pm, to start up our grill . We are excited to have some of this sweet corn, our own big fat beef burgers, steaks, salad and veggies we raised for our 4th of July celebration.Hope y’all enjoy your holiday! 🧨

Sweet Corn & Field Corn!

SWEET CORN FIELD CORN Tomatoes, squash, sweet peppers, zucchini, peanuts, cabbage, turnips, green beans, beets, cucumber, cold sodas, baby corn already shucked, bagged and cleaned, goat milk soap, candy shops, t-shirts, garden seeds, apple jelly, tomatoes sauce, pepper jelly, cowboy candy, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, peach preserves, milk, eggs and ask about our beef you can buy right off the farm!

We’ll Be Open For Independence Day!

I will be open tomorrow (Sunday 7/4/21) from 10-1 to help those trying to get their last minute sweet corn and fresh produce home before the grill gets fired up! I WILL HAVE LOTS OF SWEET CORN!! This is the super sweet bi-color variety y’all have come to love in this area. $5 dozen, $20 for 50 ears or $40 for 100 ears. Accepting CASH, credit or debit card.

July 2nd 2021

SWEET CORN FOR YOUR 4th OF JULY CELEBRATION!!! Other produce is coming in good too. Red tomatoes are just around the corner. This summer started out late due to the long drawn out cool and wet weather. Please be patient- those red maters maters are coming soon! Come see us 10-6 today or 10-3 Saturday.

Sweet Corn

SWEET CORN AND FIELD CORN is starting to come in! Stop by tomorrow from 10-6 to get some sweet corn. Field corn will be ready closer to the weekend. Keep checking back here on Facebook to get regular updates.

Baby Sweet Corn!

Baby sweet corn is in. We have it shucked, trimmed, and in freezer bags ready for you to take come. $10 a gallon Green maters, some are starting to turn red. Sweet peppers, small pickling cucumbers just starting to come in, cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, beets, green beans, turnips, cabbages, super mild Italian cocozelle squash, zucchini, purple hull peas, crowder peas, butter beans, goat milk, eggs, soaps, T-Shirts, garden seeds, dry peanuts, candy counter, apple jelly, strawberry jam, peach preserves, cowboy candy, pepper jelly, and more!

Progress Coming Along Nicely!

We are making progress with repairs and updates to the store. The guys put the new roof on and a nice overhang too! Now we have all brand new wiring inside and more progress to make. Sadly this flooding has swamped almost all my produce so it’s up in the air what will survive. Keep your fingers crossed


New Puppies & Produce!

The repairs from the damage of the storm are underway. Soon the front glass will be replaced and I’ll be able to open back up. Meanwhile, the produce continues to be planted and nature never sleeps! We will have cabbages, carrots, radishes, lettuce, and more available soon. Still have frozen peas, fresh milk and eggs every day Look for the tent put up out front… that’s when the veggies will be available. Check out our newest litter of pups- she had 11 little booger butts!!

Tate County Tornado 2021

I hope everyone is alright after those storms and tornados last night. We suffered some damages to buildings and animal shelters but all living creatures are fine. Just a quick drive into town showed me some home’s have been really damaged, so many trees tore up. I just pray no one was seriously injured. Please excuse the mess at the store for the next couple days while we clean up and start working on repairs. Thank you to all our lovely neighbors for the caring phone calls to check on us and let us know about the damages. If there is anything we can do to help someone, or if there are any prayer requests, please let us know. God bless