A Beef Tallow Rendering Class Coming Soon!

Collecting up some beef tallow from our farm to do a rendering class. Be on the watch for that to come up!

We are now able to offer USDA inspected beef so we can now sell meat one package at a time or by the package as a % of the beef. Let’s chat about your families needs….

Chickens are giving me plenty of eggs! I’m so proud of my girls. They give me 4 different shades of brown, green and blue eggs every single day. Let me know when you need some $4 a dozen!

We are grinding fresh wheat flour now. You can order WHOLE wheat or regular wheat flour by the pound.

Wheat is $2 a pound. Triticale is $2.25 pound.

Berries to grind yourself at home are:

Wheat .60 cents pound.

Triticale .85 cents pound.

Come see me!

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