Beefy News

We can now sell USDA inspected frozen beef directly out of the retail store. This is the same beef we raise on our farm and sell in affordable packages directly off the farm. The packaging is different and the pricing is higher then our “part of the cow” packages but this is a very handy way to purchase a single cut of beef or a single pound of ground beef at a time.

A few examples are pictured below:

Ground beef $5 pound
Chuck roast $13.45 pound
NY Strip steak $15.84 pound
Sirloin steak $14.84 pound
Ribeye steak $18.66 pound
Short ribs $14.16 pound.

Prices subject to change, without notice.

You can still purchase our 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef calves at the same price as before $6.50 a pound hanging weight.
Sampler pack is now $8.50 a pound for 34 pounds of meat cuts, which consists of about 40% ground beef, minimum of 4 individual steaks, 2 roasts plus other cuts randomly chosen to provide a nice SAMPLING of choices.