Potato Class Update

All of you that signed up for the fall potato planting class… it’s time to check if your taters have sprouted. If you have any in these types of net bags, I would recommend that you carefully remove them while the sprouts are still small so you don’t break them off.

Go ahead and start sorting through them. If you have any that are getting rotten remove them immediately. If you have some that have not yet sprouted, mix them in with ones that have. As the potatoes mature, they give off gasses that encourage the rest to ripen faster.

Normally, during regular fresh eating storage of your harvest, you would pull out the sprouted spuds immediately and use them befor they get rotten. Discard rotten ones right away and keep only in sprouted spuds for long term storage.

So for fall planting you WANT to use the potatoes that HAVE sprouted. For long term fresh eating storage you want to use the sprouted ones first, keep unsprouted ones for longest possible fresh eating storage. Keep them separated so the sprouting ones do not cause the unsprouted ones to ripen faster then your family can eat them.

Always sort through and rotate your storage pantry/root cellar/freezer/fridge/items regularly.

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