Potato Growing Class

Ok folks…. we have up to 6 weeks until it’s time to start our own potato plantings. If y’all want to plant them this year, let’s get started. Buy your own bag of taters- whichever kind you like best. Whatever poundage you buy, will easily multiply by 5-10x that amount. So plan out accordingly.

Order or find your certified seed stock and get them purchased soon! If you want to try planting store bought, they need to begin to sprout soon so that the inhibitor chemicals they’ve sprayed on them is worn off good enough. So older taters are best. ????

Once started by early to mid September, you’ll be harvesting by end of December. Do not let them stay out to freeze during late Dec, Jan/Feb. store indoors until end of Feb, then we do our next planting again.

You can hold back some of the ones you grew for seeds to start again but ALWAYS ALWAYS, get new potato “seeds” from someone else. Saving same DNA generation after generation is what led to the Great Potato Famine that killed hundreds of thousands of ppl over in Europe.

The technique I’ll show you requires no tilling, no tractor, and no digging up of taters! Perfect for compact gardeners, urban areas, and even traditional garden rows planting. I’m planning this class to be held in for several weeks. Class fee is $15 per adult and children 12 and up. No children under 12 years old during class please. Must prepay and schedule depending on class openings. Max 6 persons per class. Please message/text/call to reserve your spot.

On Saturdays at 3pm until 5pm
Sat 8/19
Sat 8/26
Sat 9/2

Or on Wednesdays at 1pm until 3pm

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