Found a baby kitten under momma hen in the nest box this morning! Momma hen didn’t mind to keep this furry critter warm all night. The brand new mother cat isn’t sure exactly how to care for her babies so we will need to intervene for her. We found another one of her babies on the front porch this morning, as if asking us for help.

This is definitely one aspect of living the FARM LIFE that keeps us on our toes. Now my morning routine has to be altered to accommodate finding the proper mother for these 2 little furballs if I can. Trying to reunite them and observe if she will care for them. If not, we will need to assume all those duties every day and all night. Tiny kittens require round the clock care without fail to survive! it is a serious commitment, anyone want to volunteer? 😉

PS… if you are wondering why there are plastic easter eggs in the nest box, its simple. We use them filled with dirt and sealed shut, to help train the hens where to lay their eggs. They prefer to keep them in clutches, so if we provide a few that can always sit there without ever getting rotten, they’ll learn to lay their own eggs right with them.

Fresh picked edamame

If you like to get a powerful source of protein from vegetables, soy beans can help! We hand pick them still soft out of the field, hand shell them, weigh and bag into 1 pound increments. Each bag makes 4 servings, yielding 18 grams of protein per person. At a price of $8 per pound, you can serve your family a high vegetable protein, sourced right here in Tate county, for about $2 per person. 1 pound bags are frozen and stored all year round after our once a year harvest.

Beef update

We heard from the butcher and plan to pick up monday 10/10. We should be able to start having folks pick up their orders by Tuesday or Wednesday. Please call or text me so we can schedule yours.

Im starting to juice for better health again. The focus this time will be cleaning my liver using the carrot/beet/apple trio for now. I bought a new juicer and its kinda difficult to figure out how to take it apart to clean it. <scratching my head> Stop in and lets chat more if you have an interest in this topic yourself