Turnips And Icicle Radishes!

Welcome these lovely turnips and icicle radishes into your fall/winter diet with open arms!

There are so many ways to fix them, I thought I’d share a few from my kitchen to yours.

Turnips- they are so nutritious and winter hardy, you are REALLY missing out if you don’t include them in your families meal plan every week. Are you worried about them being bitter or too fibrous? Those are easy problems to deal with. First, just be sure to buy them young enough so they aren’t getting so old that their turning fibrous. Second, use one or more of the methods I describe next to solve the bitterness issues.

1) remove the peel and remove most of the bitterness.
2) adding some sea salt to your turnips helps neutralize that bitterness.
3) boil them a few minutes and change out the water once before returning them to cooking.
Bingo! Problem solved. Now start enjoying this versatile, hearty and healthy winter veggie.

Icicle radishes are an heirloom variety and a more rare treat to find. I’ll only have these available for a limited time.

They are spicy hot when eaten raw, making them a great addition to salads, coleslaw and bunched up on your favorite sandwich. Alternatively, if you cook them, that hotness cooks right out and you have a veggie tasting much like cooked carrot. Add these in anywhere you’d add cooked potatoes or carrots. SO DELISH!

Feel free to add your own recipe creations, I’m sure others reading this post will appreciate it.
Come get yours from me ASAP!

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