This is momma of all current pup litters. She started out her life the runt of a large litter. Her siblings picked on her. Her owners did not want her, could not sell her. She had bite marks and sores on her from trying to get enough food from the bigger pups.

At 8 weeks of age, I drove all the way to southern KY to get her. I believed in her, that with proper care, nourishment and feeling like she was finally with someone who truly WANTED her, that she would be a great dog. I sure was right!

I made a great investment of my extra time, care and patience with her. She is extremely loyal to me. Being a beta personality, her most important job is to make sure I’m happy. She listens to all my commands. She comes along with me while I do morning chores. She has trained all the other dogs from pups, how to properly work on our farm.

Her and I have a very strong bond. She communicates with me and I trust her completely. Later I will share some stories of our adventures together.

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