Past Puppy Visit!

This past weekend I had a brief but lovely time visiting some of the pups that started their life at Oasis Homestead. Their new forever family and homestead is amazing. Their humans are so loving, yet ever respectful of the breeds natural skeptical and autonomous tendencies. I really applaud how these folks have taken special interest in making decisions for their livestock guard dogs that will benefit themselves and their homesteading goals, as well as the LGD’s.

The pups are still technically pups, but I could tell they’ve become so comfortable in this new surrounding, that their confidence is obvious. According to the owners, the pups have done a great job protecting their herd of goats and have stayed within the fence boundaries well. The animals looked to get along beautifully.

It makes me so happy, deep down inside, to see them flourishing and providing such an important service to the world they live in. I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE these dogs.

Thank you so much Christie for allowing me to visit with them and welcoming me into your world.

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