Orchard Site Updates

I’ve got my fruit tree orchard plan all laid out on the ground and digging the holes today.

If things go well on that front (I need 28 fruit tree holes dug) I’ll be digging up the fruit trees from the old place tomorrow morning.

Selling off the 2 pups and head back here to transplant them asap!

IF I can knock out both those tasks by Wednesday, I’ll be so happy. I’ll have sold all the pups I need to for the move and transplanted all the trees. I’ve already got 1/2 the fencing done at the new place. Looking at purchasing a used stock trailer for myself. If I buy it, it will pay for itself by 1/3 just from moving my animals this once.

I’ve already cleaned up the outside of anything I needed to take with me. Got the electric disconnected from my shipping container. Have a good lead on who could move them for me.

I began scoping out another one of my property lines today. It cuts through a wooded ravine so it won’t be as easy to lay out as the other one I’ve gotten done.

Sooo many things are prepped to go go go. Want to get this move finished asap!!

Below you can see the pre-dug holes where the transplants will go and the last section being measured with stakes and line.