Natural Mulch

Here you’ll see what a lovely bed of natural mulch looks like around your thankful garden plants. This is the second application I’ve put down. You make the mulch bedding deeper and wider, as the plants grow up taller and wider.

If you employ this wonderful NATURAL MULCHING principle to all your plants, you’ll only weed your plants heavily once. After that, it’s just a few straggler weeds here and there for the rest of the season. NO HERBICIDES NEEDED EVER!!!

I transplanted the first set of yellow squash and zucchini today. Forgot to snap a pic of those pfft!

On the left – Tomatoes that have been bedded in mulch twice On right – Tomatoes that have been bedded only once
Green Beans looking proud
Lima beans making their debut

More beans!
More tomatoes mulched the second time
Ran out of mulch for today, they’ll get more soon!

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