We effectively reached a level of training victory yesterday. All of my oldest female pups (born Dec 2017) are responding instantaneously, on a verbal STOP command from far away. I no longer need to be within close proximity to administer corrective commands.

They started barking an “intruder alarm” at the Guinea hen who ventured out of her normal penned area. My adults and older pups of course already know that the guinea is allowed to roam freely so they paid her no attention. The younger pups, unaware of this privilege, began charging the Guinea in their effort to patrol and control their grounds.

I immediately yelled a firm “NO” from roughly 150’ away. At which time they all instantaneously stopped their pursuit and looked at me to be sure they were in fact, being scolded.

With me maintaining complete eye contact and alert body posturing, they recognized this as an affirmative scolding. They immediately changed their direction and resumed playing together harmlessly. Guinea unscathed and the pups now understand that she has freedom to roam.

A well behaved and highly responsive Livestock Guard Dog on your working farm is nothing short of an absolute treasure. ?

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