After The Freeze Yesterday…

Hey y’all! Wanted to check in with some of my favorite people. How did y’all like that snow and sleet we got yesterday? Think we will have a WHITE THANKSGIVING? ?

I’m going to check the field of greens to see how they are holding up after that freeze later today. Hopefully I’ll still have some good ones to bring to market. I’ll update everyone about the greens tomorrow.

I plan to be at the market Friday and Saturday this week, as long as the weather stays nice as is predicted. I will have cookies, breads, jams, pickles, preserves and whatever produce I can find out there that’s still in good shape.

Don’t forget- we also sell out of the house when the weather is bad. Give me a call, text or come see me at the market. We appreciate your support!

We keep baking everyday…..

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