Leash Training The Pups

I have begun leash training the baby pups. We just started working on it yesterday. They are a little confused still but happy to get lots of love and cuddles during their training. ❤️

They are really making good progress on their gate training. They are at the point of only needing slight pressure from the gate, accompanied by firm verbal command before they recognize they need to move away from the gate.

They all come to me eagerly upon command now. I’m so proud of their progress. Every time they do something cute and adorable, my camera is in the truck. I need to keep it with me so I can take lots of pics.

They had their 8 week old birthday yesterday. This litter will be ready for adoption in 4 more weeks. They are receiving valuable training from their mother, father and aunties so they’ll better understand their livestock guarding job. At the same time they are receiving daily training from their human in basic obedience commands and proper socialization.

Be sure to check back often for more updates, pics and videos!

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