Produce Stand Next To The DG

I’m next to the DG on HWY 4 East until 6pm.

I have:

Green beans, plums, peaches, eggs, pepper jelly, purple hull peas, onion, cabbage, cantaloupe, bell pepper, cucumber, squash, pickles, okra, tomatoes, peach preserves, real honey, hot peppers, zucchini, green tomatoes, crowder peas and cowboy candy!

Available Tuesday-Friday 10am until 6pm

Check my page for daily updates of produce and availability. Check page for address and map. I accept cash, credit card and debit.

Sorry- WE DO NOT sell peas unshelled or bulk produce at this time.
Sorry- WE DO NOT allow customers to pick produce off the farm.

Image may contain: food
Image may contain: food

At The Dollar General In New Town

I’m at the Dollar General in New Town today until 6pm.

I have:

Eggs, peas, squash, cucumber, okra, tomatoes, cabbage, onion, cantaloupe, REAL honey, pepper jelly, peach preserves, watermelon.

Come see me!

I accept cash, debit and credit card, I’m here 10-6 Tuesday through Friday and 10-3 on Saturday unless it rains.

Yesterday we planted turnip greens, mustard, collard, lettuce, spinach and kale. Last week we planted spaghetti squash, acorn and butternut squash. Much more going in soon!

Back From Vacation

We are back from vacation. Been busy getting purple hull peas, tomatoes, crowder peas, okra, squash, sweet corn and more ready for sales tomorrow. I will be set up at our new favorite location, right next to the Dollar General in New Town area. I’ll try to be there by 10am and will stay until 6pm.

If you’ve been craving a big juicy, bright red slicing tomato, I’ll sure have them!