I’ll Meet Ya!

I’m selling from home today. Message me with your order and I’ll meet you at the DG in New Town or in Senatobia. I will be traveling to Southaven today and tomorrow. If you need delivery of produce I can meet you on the way at Senatobia, Coldwater, Hernando or Southaven- After 5pm.

I have:
Cabbages .75 lb
Purple hull peas $6 1lb shelled bag
Silver crowders $6 1lb shelled bag
Brown crowders $6 1lb shelled bag
Butterbeans $6 12oz shelled bag**limited qty**
Red plums $2 lb
New potatoes $2.50 quart
Pickling cucumbers $1.50 lb
Peach preserves with chunks $4 pint
Sweet corn G90 4/$2.50 **limited qty**
Yellow squash $1.50 lb
Collard greens $3 bunch
Red tomatoes $2.50 lb
Green tomatoes $2 lb
Broccoli $3 full head

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