Green Beans Are In!

Green beans are in! Young and tender okra just picked, creamy lady peas, the last of the butterbeans for this year, crowders, purple hull peas, turnips, cabbage, sweet potato, tomatoes, green onion, table onions, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, garlic, hot and mild peppers, apples, green peanuts, Brussels sprouts, yellow squash, avocado, eggplant, plums, potatoes, and my personal favorite-,very mild flavored scallopini squash…. all here for you to take home to your family. Eggs, milk, cold sodas, frozen peas, goat milk soap, pickled beets, raspberry jam, peach preserves, tomato sauce, pepper jelly, Cowboy candy, dry peanuts for snacking…. Ask for details how you can get fresh free range chicken meat and beef. Card games every Friday from 3-5pm. Fall hours: Open every Tues, Wed, Thu and Saturday from 10am until 3pm. Friday 10am-6pmClosed Sunday and Monday Shop indoors, rain or shine ALL YEAR ROUND! Accepting cash/credit/debit/Come see us!!