Welcome to your NO CARB WEDNESDAY! Don’t forget- no carbohydrates today. Carbohydrates are found in all food items made from grain, all dairy (except real butter), all fruits, all forms of sugar and the 3 vegetables to stay away from right now are Irish potatoes, corn and beans or peas. DO eat real protein all day long. ask yourself: does this meat product come off the animal in this exact form or does it need to be manufactured into this form? If God made it, you can eat it, including the fat and skin. DO eat leafy green and many other green vegetables. Add all colors from the rainbow ? into each days worth of food varieties. Make the green category the most volume with several options. DO drink your body weight in ounces of water all day long. Add ACV or lemon in your water to help balance your PH and keep cancer at bay. Drink herbal teas also, as you like. No juice, soda, black tea or coffee. Share your no carb meal ideas and let’s help each other make good decisions. ?Remind yourself WHY we are exercising this discipline- to reduce our insulin load, curb diabetes, stabilize hypoglycemia, lose weight…. What benefit are you looking for while reducing carbs? **Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This information is strictly for fun and group support. Consult your physician before beginning any dietary change.