Open today until 3pm. Friday’s open 10-6pm. Saturdays open 10-3pm

We have crispy green beans – 5gallon bucket for $22 Eggplants are just $1 each! Tender baby yellow squash, frozen butter beans/crowder peas/purple hull peas, green boiling peanuts, dry snacking peanuts, red skin Irish taters, table onions, Mississippi grown red skin sweet potatoes, carnival rainbow colored sweet peppers .25 cents each, hot peppers only $1 a handful, tender Brussels sprouts, crisp cabbage, cherry tomatoes, green frying tomatoes, hot pepper sauce, eggs, milk, peach preserves, tomato sauce, goat milk soap, soap lather bags, pepper jelly, Cowboy candy, turnips, and more!! Mustard greens, lettuce and turnip greens coming this weekend… Pumpkins, dumpling acorn squash coming in soon. Pics of what’s growing included.