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Lettuce, radishes, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts, cabbages, scallopini squash, yellow squash, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, eggplant, green beans, green peanuts, carnival peppers, Serrano and chili peppers, poblano, hot wax and more peppers, red skin potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, frozen purple hull peas, butter beans, garlic, green onions, watermelons, zipper cream peas, brown crowder peas, ice-cold creamy goat milk, free-range eggs, REAL lye goat milk soaps, pepper jelly, Cowboy candy, tomato sauce, peach preserves, pickled beets, hot pepper sauce, and more!

Come shop your very own indoor, YEAR ROUND farmers market. Open today from 10am until 3pm. Wed/Thu/Sat open 10-3. Friday’s open 10-6Accepting CASH, credit or debit Card games on Fridays from 3-5pm