Pepsi Truck’s A-Comin’

Woop woop! Finally receiving my Pepsi product order from December!! I’m not complaining but I do sure hope we all can get back to normal as soon as possible. Only 3 shipments in a year makes it hard to keep customers happy. I know the whole country, even the world has been struggling to recuperate. Big thanks to my awesome local delivery driver. I’ve got purple hull peas and sweet corn in the freezer from November harvest I need to sell. Peas are usually $6 a pound, buy 10 pounds for $45. Transfer from my freezer to yours for a great price! Cut off sweet corn is usually $5 a pound. Buy 10 pounds for $35. Frozen ears of corn usually $10, get em 3 bags for $20Come see me today or tomorrow 10-3 for sale prices. Don’t forget to ask about eggs, beef, flour, garden seeds, hay, straw, animal feed, raw milk, and much more….