Baby Field Corn Coming This Week!

We are just days away from having BABY FIELD CORN available. This means the kernels are HALF FILLED and will be sold at LOWER PRICE. Several days after this stage is available to purchase, the REGULAR FIELD CORN will be available with fuller kernels at regular price.


Reg field corn 3/1$

Sweet corn is a couple of weeks away and will be 2/$1

Purple hull peas are already available for sale in southern MS where they could plant earlier. I’m seeing some very high prices on those. With extra high fuel, seed and fertilizer cost most prices are jumping up to compensate. We had to pay these super high prices as well and we were behind planting by about a month from our normal. So please be patient! Expect higher prices than you’ve seen before, unfortunately.

My frozen shelled peas are available right now for $6 a pound. Fresh ones will be higher.

We will be able to sell peas and beans by the bushel this year. Follow our Facebook for automatic updates and the quickest notice of what’s coming available!!