Planting Green Beans & Sweet Corn/ store closed for the day

Folks I know you are anxiously waiting for the fresh, locally grown produce to come in. So are we! This year, the rain kept us out of the field for planting later than ever before. We may be later than usual, but we are coming along. Please be patient…

This week we planted green beans and 3rd planting of sweet corn. Today we intend to plant crowders and lady peas. So with that said, I won’t be at the store. I’d rather get myself out in the field and get these crops going for you!

Yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cukes, broccoli, cabbages, kohlrabi, and much more are right on the edge of being picked!! Check out these pics to see what I mean.

The last 2 pics are both legume crops. Who can guess what varieties they are?

Thank y’all for your patience, I know it’s tough but we will not let y’all down. Hugs!