Wheat Berries To Grind; Half-size Round Bales Of Hay, $40

The store is open Thu/Fri/Sat 10-3 now. I have some fresh veggies coming in!

We are harvesting wheat if you need some whole wheat berries for your grinding needs, NOW is the time to let me know.

Once the wheat has been harvested we run back through the same field and cut it to roll for straw. We are making HALF round bales right now which are the equivalent of 8-10 square bales depending on weight.

These will sell for $40 which is a heck of a savings. These can be push rolled by one guy up onto a low trailer and rolled around into place in your barns by one person. Tractors do make things easier but we know not everybody has a tractor to use in their backyard gardens or their small homesteads. These HALF round bales offer a nice savings without tractor use requirement. Let me know if you’re interested before they are gone.

I’ll get some pics of the HALF round straw bales from the guys later today and post for you. ?