Crops Updates: Sweet Corn This Weekend!!!!!!

I’ve gone down through my list of prepaid invoices for regular bicolor super sweet corn and contacted everyone I could find. I am not able to find customer Debra Nelson on my messages but I sent her an email. We have this type of corn coming in strong right now. If you prepaid and you haven’t been contacted message me right away please.

If you’d like to get some still, message me on Facebook or text directly to my phone. We are still picking daily and I’ll meet you this evening at the store-6pm if you want to get it today! I’ll also be here Thur/Fri/sat 10-3

Get this super sweet corn before it’s gone!

Estimating the Silver Queen NON GMO sweet corn will be ready this weekend. Watch my page for updates. I have 2 more fields planted of NON-GMO after this. Pray the critters and weather don’t take it and I’ll have more for you later. 😉

BUTTER BEANS AND BUTTER PEAS ARE NOT EVEN BLOOMING YET! Same with green beans. Please watch my page for updates. Thank you

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