Onion and garlic skins….

Have you tried using onion or garlic peels for skin conditions?
Save it and put in cheese cloth, a giant tea ball, clean sock or just strain it out-and boil in water for 15 mins. You can soak feet for athletes foot, soak a cloth for a poultice and put on irritated areas for couple minutes. Rinse and rinse repeat until you notice relief.
You can drink it for muscle cramps and a sleeping aid. Reduces cholesterol and strengthens your heart.
Crush the dried papery skins and add to home made bread dough for a mild flavor and nutritive additions. I use my mortar and pestle.
Take a peek at all the information online about the amazing health benefits of using the skins for your family’s health.
My idea, and I’m betting it’s already been done by someone, somewhere… is to combine dried pulverized skins with some other type of dense fibrous natural material and make paper out of it. I bet it can be done! What stories and ideas do you have?

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