A Cold Snap

Good morning y’all!

Boy this cold snap was mean to my purdy flowers I have out front of the store. ????I hope they bounce back.

I’m feeling so tired today. Anyone want to loan me some extra energy? Come see me, I bet we can come up with a fair trade. ?

I’m closing at 1pm today. Honey says he needs a new tractor so we are headed out of town to go look at one he’s been drooling over. Don’t tell him I said that though, it doesn’t sound very manly. Lol ?

Stop By For Lunch With Us!

A cheery cold and gloomy winter morning to y’all. Hope the sun comes out today but either way, come see me at the store from 10-3.

I’m fixing a lunch for friends and family at the store today. text me directly to my phone if you’d like to join us 662-932-0035.

I’m making home made:

Braised Apple jelly mini goat chops (off the farm)
Creamy potato soup with crumbled beef, garlic, onions and steamed mustard greens.
Stir fried cabbage with slivered carrots and onion.
Cheddar cheese drop biscuits.

Choice of hot tea (apple cinnamon/green tea/raspberry or regular) $1 or any cold drink at regular price. I should have lunch ready by 12-ish until 1:30

Come see me!

Stir fry veggies and biscuits in the oven

Mini goat chops
Fresh mustard greens I’m steaming these on top of my creamy tater soup

Creamy tater soup before I steam the mustard greens on top

Busy Days Ahead

We have 200+ strawberry plants to set out on Friday plus Goji berries and we have a plot of garlic to dig up and divide, cabbages and brassicas to start, lettuces, greens, sweet peas and loads more.

We are gonna be making raised beds from cut bamboo so we can plant taters in them. Weeeeee!

New milking shed to finish out to be used by 3/1 and baby calves we are gonna wean off the bottle and baby chicks still hatching and baby kids to wean off their mommas and and and… Woohoo!! Lots going on!

The last Gardening+chick hatching class I have openings for is 2/25 from 3-5pm. Call soon and reserve your spot, classes fill up fast and are limited.

Dairy Cow Rehab

Today we begin helping our little momma cow, Sophia to regain her strength and vitality.

My dairy cow Sophia has been getting into poor condition so we transferred her to behind our house for more intensive care to rehabilitate her. She lost her voice, she can’t make any sound at all even though she tries her little heart out.

I can tell Sophia feels better emotionally, since we brought her here. I’m seeing her being much more interested in ppl and what’s going on cuz she knows this place, she knows us and seeing us more frequently equals greater level of care in her mind. ❤️

We will be taking her baby to a separate area for 8-12 hours per every 24 and then supplementing him with milk replacer, feed, healthy snacks, sweet feed and hay. It will be hard at first to have baby separated from mom, but as the days go by and Sophia starts regaining her strength, she will realize she needed a break from him and as long as we pitch in to maintain his health they will both accept it.

Momma got some wormer, free choice mineral and some booster shots to keep her strength up first thing.

This is also a good time to focus on getting baby more acclimated to us and learning how to walk on a leash like all the rest of my animals. Have you ever wanted your very own bull calf that goes for walks with you and likes to play with humans? He will be for sale as well as his half brother who is already super tame. ?

Bella’s calf realized he might have a new friend to play with when he saw the other calf show up yesterday and started kicking up his heels in pure joy!! Tomorrow us 3 girls are gonna start training Sophia’s boy to a leash and go visiting with Bella’s boy each day, while momma gets her some very needed ME TIME!!

Yesterdays treat bucket consisted of: 1 torn leek, 3 spring onions, peels from 2 oranges, 1 bunch of kale chopped into bite size pieces, 4 homemade flatbreads with rosemary herb, 1 cup of vegetable oil, 2 quarts of sweet feed, 2 quarts of our own grain feed with crushed sunflowers

and 1 cup of raw pumpkin seeds.

Todays first treat bucket consists of: 1 orange cut into 8 slices, extra orange peels from additional orange, 1 full leek torn into bite size chunks, 1 bundle of mustard greens, 4 home made biscuits (ingredients: whole wheat flour, coconut oil, sea salt, baking soda, powdered milk), 4 Oz cheese, 1/3 onion chopped into small bits, 1 cup vegetable oil, 2 quarts of sweet feed, 2 quarts of our own grain feed with crushed sunflowers and 1/3 head of cabbage cut into bite size chunks.

Stay tuned for the healing plan and pics to follow!

Princess Tea Party At Oasis Homestead!

I thought I’d invite you to bring any little girls you might have or know of on Sunday 2/19 for a Girls Special Princess Tea and Dress Up Party we are having from 2-4pm.

Young girls and mommies are all invited. We will have herbal teas, with popcorn and teeny cookies for snacks. Bring your make up, nail polish, tiara’s, princess dresses, feather boas and all the dress up do dads for silly songs, stories, girly games, goofy pictures and lots of giggles! RSVP by 2/15 so I know how much tea and cookies to make. Hope to see you there ?
*I’m asking for donations for tea and cookie costs.
Theme is pink and/or purple Princess after Valentine’s Day

I will be sending out formal invitations to Their “Princess Castles” for anyone who can shoot me the Princess name and official address by Thursday of this week. ?if we are gonna make ‘em feel special, might as well go all out! ? lol
Making out my first sets right now…

Princess Tea Party Invitations getting made! Sign up today!

Steamy Pot O’ Goodness!

This steamy pot of goodness looks like some strange type of soup to you I’m sure but it’s just my morning pot of loose leaf tea brewing. I’ve got about 6 cups of water in here with 4 TBS rose hips, 4 TBS white willow bark and 1 cup of chamomile. This is super strong and I’ll dilute it with 50% water when I finish straining. ?

This will be a nice change from the drowning of mullein and echinacea teas I’ve been drinking for 2 days to clear my sinuses and lungs out.

You might wonder why in the world would I use loose leaf tea, it looks so messy and sometimes even after straining there’s bits of herb in my cup, right? Well it’s simple really. I don’t disagree with those points but it’s also valid to say that reducing waste as much as I can does matter and even tiny tea bags count. Plus after straining the tiny bits of herb left in on my tongue serve to remind me of my connection to nature. I don’t especially like being fully removed from the calming touch of nature. Feeling bits of healing herbs on my tongue keeps me connected to this beautiful bounty we have at at our fingertips for healing ourselves.