Stop By For Lunch With Us!

A cheery cold and gloomy winter morning to y’all. Hope the sun comes out today but either way, come see me at the store from 10-3.

I’m fixing a lunch for friends and family at the store today. text me directly to my phone if you’d like to join us 662-932-0035.

I’m making home made:

Braised Apple jelly mini goat chops (off the farm)
Creamy potato soup with crumbled beef, garlic, onions and steamed mustard greens.
Stir fried cabbage with slivered carrots and onion.
Cheddar cheese drop biscuits.

Choice of hot tea (apple cinnamon/green tea/raspberry or regular) $1 or any cold drink at regular price. I should have lunch ready by 12-ish until 1:30

Come see me!

Stir fry veggies and biscuits in the oven

Mini goat chops
Fresh mustard greens I’m steaming these on top of my creamy tater soup

Creamy tater soup before I steam the mustard greens on top

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