Dairy Cow Rehab

Today we begin helping our little momma cow, Sophia to regain her strength and vitality.

My dairy cow Sophia has been getting into poor condition so we transferred her to behind our house for more intensive care to rehabilitate her. She lost her voice, she can’t make any sound at all even though she tries her little heart out.

I can tell Sophia feels better emotionally, since we brought her here. I’m seeing her being much more interested in ppl and what’s going on cuz she knows this place, she knows us and seeing us more frequently equals greater level of care in her mind. ❤️

We will be taking her baby to a separate area for 8-12 hours per every 24 and then supplementing him with milk replacer, feed, healthy snacks, sweet feed and hay. It will be hard at first to have baby separated from mom, but as the days go by and Sophia starts regaining her strength, she will realize she needed a break from him and as long as we pitch in to maintain his health they will both accept it.

Momma got some wormer, free choice mineral and some booster shots to keep her strength up first thing.

This is also a good time to focus on getting baby more acclimated to us and learning how to walk on a leash like all the rest of my animals. Have you ever wanted your very own bull calf that goes for walks with you and likes to play with humans? He will be for sale as well as his half brother who is already super tame. ?

Bella’s calf realized he might have a new friend to play with when he saw the other calf show up yesterday and started kicking up his heels in pure joy!! Tomorrow us 3 girls are gonna start training Sophia’s boy to a leash and go visiting with Bella’s boy each day, while momma gets her some very needed ME TIME!!

Yesterdays treat bucket consisted of: 1 torn leek, 3 spring onions, peels from 2 oranges, 1 bunch of kale chopped into bite size pieces, 4 homemade flatbreads with rosemary herb, 1 cup of vegetable oil, 2 quarts of sweet feed, 2 quarts of our own grain feed with crushed sunflowers

and 1 cup of raw pumpkin seeds.

Todays first treat bucket consists of: 1 orange cut into 8 slices, extra orange peels from additional orange, 1 full leek torn into bite size chunks, 1 bundle of mustard greens, 4 home made biscuits (ingredients: whole wheat flour, coconut oil, sea salt, baking soda, powdered milk), 4 Oz cheese, 1/3 onion chopped into small bits, 1 cup vegetable oil, 2 quarts of sweet feed, 2 quarts of our own grain feed with crushed sunflowers and 1/3 head of cabbage cut into bite size chunks.

Stay tuned for the healing plan and pics to follow!

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