Steamy Pot O’ Goodness!

This steamy pot of goodness looks like some strange type of soup to you I’m sure but it’s just my morning pot of loose leaf tea brewing. I’ve got about 6 cups of water in here with 4 TBS rose hips, 4 TBS white willow bark and 1 cup of chamomile. This is super strong and I’ll dilute it with 50% water when I finish straining. ?

This will be a nice change from the drowning of mullein and echinacea teas I’ve been drinking for 2 days to clear my sinuses and lungs out.

You might wonder why in the world would I use loose leaf tea, it looks so messy and sometimes even after straining there’s bits of herb in my cup, right? Well it’s simple really. I don’t disagree with those points but it’s also valid to say that reducing waste as much as I can does matter and even tiny tea bags count. Plus after straining the tiny bits of herb left in on my tongue serve to remind me of my connection to nature. I don’t especially like being fully removed from the calming touch of nature. Feeling bits of healing herbs on my tongue keeps me connected to this beautiful bounty we have at at our fingertips for healing ourselves.

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