The eggs are coming back in… slowly ?

We are starting to get more and more eggs again. I’m not sure if it was the cheeky conversation I had with the girls a couple weeks ago or maybe the special feed mix I whipped up for them that got their booties back in gear but either way, we are all happy to see the results.

We are busy hatching out brand new baby chicks as well. Should have close to 60 new chicks to add to the flock by end of February. My goal is to expand my operation by a few hundred more by end of summer.

Speaking of hatching chicks, would anyone be interested to learn how to incubate and raise up your own chicks at home using fertile eggs? I’m going to offer a class on this here real soon. So grab your friends and get them ready to come with you, for a hands on approach to chick hatching. Watch my page for date/time announcement and your chance to sign up.

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