Precious Herbs

I planted about a dozen different types of herbs out front of my store recently. They are so pretty with some flowers blooming as well. The herbs are growing well and this mystery curcurbit variety somehow planted itself right here. No telling what it is yet… could be wild melons, cucumbers or cantaloupe… we shall see! Nature always finds a way .
Now for those who love herbs, let’s put together a group class where we can discuss and get some common household culinary varieties started for our home kitchens and back yard gardens. I would be thrilled to have a small group here to help and work together. I have seeds and make my own potting soil from our cow doo doo and compost so you just need to bring yourself plus a notepad to write stuff down.

Whomever needed my herbs out of this planter more then I did, I hope you gave that lovely plant a good home and it’s flourishing.

Please come back and let me help you establish an entire herbal garden at your home for free. It would be my privilege to help you have the most delicious and lovely herb garden in Tate county! I’m not being sarcastic here, I truly would love to help. That goes for anyone else… let’s do this yall!

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