Goat Introductions

Thought y’all might enjoy a pic of my lovely little dairy goats and their Billy.

I have 1 lamancha, 1 saanen, 1 Nubian and 1 lamancha/alpine cross nannies. My billy is a 75% saanen 25% boer cross and a big baby!

I’m spending more and more 1:1 time with them to get them more and more used to being handled before milking time comes next year. Keep your fingers crossed for lots of healthy kids to be born early next spring!

Oasis Homestead LGD Updates: Doing Well!

The Oasis Homestead LGD family is doing fantastic since the move. They seem to really love their new enclosure. My momma and poppa dogs are even willingly staying inside it. This is a major feat and to me it means they feel completely content inside there.

I am pleased to report all the dogs were amazingly attentive, yet respectful during the birth of my first baby goat at the new place. Genius was especially concerned that nobody gets too close to momma goat and baby for the first few days. Momma dog (Naucelle), with her usual calming manner, encouraged baby goat to come play out from underneath the cedar tree where it was hiding.

Baby goat is quite confident now. Playing, bouncing, climbing and romping as only kid goats can do! He stands directly on billy and leaps over chickens, climbs inside the feeder and rolls around over tuffs of spilled hay. He’s quite happy!

The other nanny goats are due to kid soon and judging by their giant bellies, should deliver twins each. I feel completely confident that all my dogs will behave beautifully during kidding time. It is such a relief to know my LGD’s are protecting all my animals.

Goat Milk & Kefir Customer Notice

Goat milk and kefir customer notice:

In order to prepare my adult nanny goats and other farm animals for their once yearly worming treatment every August, I will be reducing the amount of goat milk that is available for purchase through the month of July.

The schedule for pick up dates will be as follows:

This coming Tuesday 6/28/16 or 7/2/16-
All customers will be allowed to reserve and purchase 50% of their previous regular reserve. Example- if you were getting 1 gallon per week, you may now get 1/2 gallon for this week. If you were getting 1 quart of kefir per week, you may now get 1 pint for this week.

The following Tuesday 7/5/16 or 7/9/16-
All customers will be allowed to reserve and purchase 25% of their original regular reserve. Example- if you used to get 1 gallon per week before the cut backs began, you may now get 1 quart for this week. If you used to get 1 quart of kefir before the cut backs began, you may now get 1 cup for this week.

The following Tuesday 7/12/16 or 7/16/16-
Only customers with emergency situations will be allowed to reserve and purchase up to 1/2 quart MILK ONLY this week. Example- if you have an unexpected orphaned new born animal (newborn is defined as minutes to 2 days old) or a severe medical emergency for a young child requiring easily digestible protein.
No kefir will be offered at all, at this time.

From 7/17/16 through 9/17/16 expect that there will be no milk sales at all. After the nannies have gone through a 6 week period following their wormer treatment, I may begin selling milk again. Although at this time, no promises can be made as to the availability of goats milk, since breeding season and unforeseen health complications could influence the timing.

I am NOT going out of the goat milk business. If you have ever raised a dairy animal you know that there are periods in each calendar year when the milk is not available for use. For those unfamiliar with this issue, please be assured that this is a normal occurrence and nothing to be alarmed about.

Please continue to check back on my page for future updates and thank you for visiting us at the Oasis Homestead.