Rainy Days

With the recent barrage of storm winds and 10″ of rain just in the past 2 days, I’m considering nick naming our place- Oasis Homestead Swamp!

It’s just been awful. Luckily all the animals have some small areas of high ground or benches/perches to stay dry on but this swampiness is quite uncomfortable. It’s even coming inside our house.

Fortunately, we can count our blessings that we have had 0 injuries or sicknesses and no property damage despite the brutal storm winds. As others in different states are dealing with tornado and ice storm damage, we have a lot to be thankful for. God bless those that have lost their loved ones, homes and animals. I pray that each special critter gets care while its lost and is reunited with its family.

All of us at Oasis Homestead send you soggy hugs!

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