Fresh-Picked Produce!

I will be at the Farmers market tomorrow (Friday 7/28) morning. I’m hoping to make it there between 9 and 10am. I’ll be picking fresh produce starting at 5:30am (barely sunrise light to work by ?). I had such a great time chatting with all the folks today. I love making new friends at this market. Hope those NEW YORK visitors come back to chat with me more. <wink wink>

I will have fresh picked, red and green tomatoes. Special note: my tomatoes are grown from Rutgers and Amish paste heirloom plants. No chemicals have been sprayed and no artificial means of ripening them has been used. They might need an extra day or 2 in your window sill to finish ripening but they’ll taste like how you remember when your grandmother grew them.


Honeydew- big and crunchy, with a slightly sweet flavor. Very refreshing in the hot summer sun.

Onions- yellow and reds.

Cabbages- only a few left! Grab them while you can.

Yellow squash and zucchini- large ones for baking.

Field corn- it’s starchy and creamy. Silver queen heirloom variety.

Green beans- young tender baby’s or large full bean pods. I’ll have both kinds. Steam the babies or add the full size beans to salads, casseroles, soups and stews.

Bring your hungry bellies and take home some fresh and tasty goodies! *Sorry, I’m not able to accept EBT cards or vouchers this year. ?
PS- I’ll be cooking up a veggie stir fry for my lunch. You’re welcome to join me- free of charge.

Later:  Mmmm mmmm mmm
I made some sautéed baby green beans and yellow tomatoes, caramelized yellow onion, and crumbed pork sausage stir fry….

Made some hoe cakes with red pepper and jalapeño bits to go with …. yum yum

Y’all should have been here to share it with me. ?
Maybe next time!

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