Busy Day At The Farmer’s Market!

I’m at the market. Been here for a couple hours but it’s been hopping busy so I just now got a chance to update y’all here.

Purple hull peas selling out quick.
1 bag for $5 or 3 bags for $10.

Only 1 doz peanut butter cookies left $3

Ugly but tasty green beans- lol taste them and you’ll see. $3 for a heaping basket.

Super crunchy, red taters -basket for $3

Super sweet baby watermelons!! Oh my goodness I dropped one and it cracked so I have to eat it. I’m going to get a sugar buzz for real!! .50 cents and up depending on size!

Taking orders on free range, pastured NON GMO eggs. Please remember I’m not permitted to sell them at the market but I can arrange a pick up with you. $3 a dozen

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