Morning Mad Dash

I made a mad dash this morning, starting at 5am via head lamp, to pick produce before the rain came. I’ll be at the market today… just waiting for a break from the rain so I can load the car. I’ll update y’all when I get set up. See you up there!

…. ok I’m here and set up. Will anybody brace the storm besides me?

Purple hull peas- shelled
$5 bag or $10 for 3 bags

Bells 3/$1
Wax 4/$1
Jalepenos 5/$1

Canning tomatoes
Green or red 4/$1

Snap beans- already sorted and snapped
$3 a bag or $5 for 2 bags

Baby sweet Watermelons
.50 and up!
Individual take to work for your lunch size and on up to 3 or 4 person size.

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