Paper Plant Pots, Anyone?

Have you ever made paper plant pots/ I can teach you how in under 1 minute! These are a fantastic way to reuse old newspapers and the pots work perfectly for plants that don’t transplant well.

Here’s a few pics for you to see how I use them for my tomato seedlings

The paper pot stays together quite well even when it’s completely soaked through week after week. Wait until your seedling reaches two to three inches of height above the edges of your paper pot before transplanting.

Dig your hole six inches deeper then the height of the paper pot edges. Put three inches of homemade manure mix into the bottom of the hole. Place your potted transplant directly into the prepared hole without disturbing the tender plant roots which are safely protected inside.

Be sure to bury the entire paper pot. All edges should be under two inches of dirt. Press the soil around the plant firmly. Take care to gingerly replace unharmed earth worms back into the hole. Our earthworms are very important so try not to hurt them.

Your transplant should be recessed beneath the surrounding soil surface by about two inches when finished. Use the remaining soil left over from digging your hole to creat water rings around the transplant’s perimeter.

Put down a light layer of mulch immediately. Remember to never leave our precious life-giving soil bare!

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