Peas Coming In Strong

The peas are coming in strong! They’ve been planted, weeded, fertilized, talked to, loved on, picked, hulled, sorted, washed and bagged. Ready for your final inspection before putting in the pot with a ham hock, onions, a little salt or bacon, with some cornbread, or….how do you cook your peas?

They are $5 per 1 pound bag. $13.50 if you buy 3 bags at once. I’ll have them tomorrow and Saturday at the Farmer’s Market, until I sell out.

If you would like to reserve some for yourself instead of risking a quick sell out, you can request them here on this post. I accept Paypal and Credit/Debit card for your reservation order. Pick up at the market or we can meet in Senatobia at a more convenient time/date. ** Customer reservations filled in the order in which they are received on this post.

Delicious fresh peas, ready for you to pick up and fix up! Share your recipes please! Mmmm!
After they’ve gone through the sheller.
I’m hand-picking out the junk while rinsing.
Those little lovelies, all rinsed and sorted, draining in the sink.
A final inspection for any yucky ones
Laying out a fresh towel to be weighed and bagged

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