At The Market

I’m at the market folks.
I have peas, corn, bread, muffins and cookies.
Ill be here until 3pm or I sell out.

Senatobia Farmers Market
501 Norfleet drive
Senatobia, MS

The market is open M-Sat 7-3
Check my page here for availability and homestead updates.

I’m starting Brussels sprouts, cabbages, greens and other cool crops for fall harvest. Follow my page for regular updates.

Special note*
I’m doing a fasting cleanse today. Details listed in my events calendar. If you’d like to participate, join the event. If you support natural ways for health and healing give me a comment or like on this post. Show me some support! Thank you all and come see me ❤️

Peas, Corn Off The Cob, bread, Muffins & Cookies Oh My!

All right y’all need to come see me today. I’m at the market with shelled and unshelled peas, corn cut off the cob, bread, muffins and cookies!

Senatobia Farmers Market 501 Norfleet Drive Senatobia MS

I”ll be here until 3pm or until I sell out!

At The Market Until 3PM!

I’m at the Senatobia Farmer’s Market until 3pm today y’all!

I have fresh shelled peas, $5 a pound

Watermelons, medium sized $4 and up

I’ll have peas in the hull at $30 a bushel

From the bakery I have:

Muffins – Blueberry, Banana, Banana Pecan, Banana Walnut, Corn Muffins

Cookies – Oatmeal raisin, Chocolate chip, Chocolate peanut butter chip, Chocolate white chocolate chip

Tonight I’ll be at the Market on Main, downtown Senatobia from 4-7PM.

Text or message me on Facebook for availability. If you can’t make it today, I’ll be here tomorrow also.

Don’t forget about the Healthy Shopper Club.

Spend $20 get a stamp on your card. Get 5 stamps on the same card to receive FREE PRODUCTS! Sign up for more free stuff on your birthday! Come see me!