Market Day Today!

I’m at the market y’all! Peas are selling fast. Come get yours soon!

I have watermelons and cookies too. Chocolate chip, Chocolate with white chocolate chip and Chocolate with peanut butter chips. Come see me!

P.S: I love to get visits from folks that follow my page. I’m trying to learn all the names and faces of my news friends in this area!

At The Market Today!

I’m at the market y’all!

I have watermelon, fresh peas and chocolate chip cookies.

Jubilee watermelons $6 and up. They are bigguns! I taste-tested one this morning, they are sweet.

Top pick peas, picked fresh. Shelled, cleaned and bagged up for you. $5 a pound or 3 pounds for $13.50.

Chocolate chip cookies baked fresh at 4AM this morning. A dab of molasses and extra chips added to this recipe makes them extra special. They are still soft and warm. $3.50 a dozen

I accept cash FMNP vouchers, credit and debit cards. Located at the Senatobia Farmer’s Market 501 Norfleet Dr. Senatobia MS.

I’ll be here until I sell out! Come see me!

Peas Coming In Strong

The peas are coming in strong! They’ve been planted, weeded, fertilized, talked to, loved on, picked, hulled, sorted, washed and bagged. Ready for your final inspection before putting in the pot with a ham hock, onions, a little salt or bacon, with some cornbread, or….how do you cook your peas?

They are $5 per 1 pound bag. $13.50 if you buy 3 bags at once. I’ll have them tomorrow and Saturday at the Farmer’s Market, until I sell out.

If you would like to reserve some for yourself instead of risking a quick sell out, you can request them here on this post. I accept Paypal and Credit/Debit card for your reservation order. Pick up at the market or we can meet in Senatobia at a more convenient time/date. ** Customer reservations filled in the order in which they are received on this post.

Delicious fresh peas, ready for you to pick up and fix up! Share your recipes please! Mmmm!
After they’ve gone through the sheller.
I’m hand-picking out the junk while rinsing.
Those little lovelies, all rinsed and sorted, draining in the sink.
A final inspection for any yucky ones
Laying out a fresh towel to be weighed and bagged

Come To The Market!

I’m at the market y’all!
Right now I have 250 ears of field corn pulled, with more coming through the day.
We are having to pull these very carefully as they are just starting to get fully developed. We caught this field at the FIRST DAY OF THE SWEET STAGE!!! YUM YUM

I have some chocolate chip cookies and banana muffins today too. I got up at 4am to bake these so I sure hope you enjoy them!

I’m watching those purple hull peas coming on too. We could have those real soon!

Remember, this is the last field corn we will have for fresh eating in 2018. Don’t delay!!COME SEE ME!

Field Corn Harvest!

Here comes the FIELD CORN HARVEST!!
This is the second AND LAST harvest of field corn in 2018 that we will have. DO NOT DELAY!!!

Remember this is the old fashioned FIELD CORN variety. This is NOT the sweet corn variety. It is picked in it’s sweet stage so it’s juicy and delicious for fresh eating or putting up. It is a light yellow, conventionally grown field corn, from ground located in Tate county.
It will be picked starting at 5am each morning and throughout each day as it sell out so it’s super fresh.

I will have limited quantities for Monday 7/9/18
Bulk orders can be filled starting Tuesday 7/10/18
We are hoping the sweetness holds out through Friday 7/13/18
or possibly Saturday 7/14/18 but there are no guarantees. We will end all sales once the ears start to lose sweetness.

500 ears or more at one time = $29 per hundred.

*No other discounts will be given.
** No holds unless you pre-pay in person or via PayPal.

Location for pick up:
Senatobia Farmers Market
501 Norfleet Drive
Senatobia, MS 38668

Payments accepted:
Farmers nutritional voucher checks
Credit cards
Debit cards

* Credit and/or debit cards: 4% convenience fee applies.

6am until 5pm
Monday- Friday and possibly Saturday if the field holds out. Check my Facebook business page to see availability updates.


?I ate that first ear pictured below and WOW is it sweet.

More Corn!

I’ve got 200 ears of field corn with me right now and another 1000 ears coming within the next couple hours.

After checking the field last night we think it could last another couple days but then this field will be done. The next field might not be ready for 10 days or even a bit longer. So don’t wait to get yours, come see me!

Don’t forget about my Healthy Shopper Club. SPend $20 in one shopping trip and get a stamp on the back of my business card. Bring it with you each time you shop with me to get more stamps. When you get 5 stamps on the same card – you get free products. Sign up to get free products on your birthday too!

See y’all soon!!

At The Market: Limited Blueberries & Bunches Of Corn!

I’m at the market y’all! Bright early and bushy tailed, haha 🙂
I’ve got a few hundred ears of field corn for ya and another thousand ears being picked out of the field right now. That truck load should arrive within next couple hours. This is field corn, picked in the sweet stage.

I’ve got some white and yellow onions too.


I picked a very limited qty of blueberries last night. I’m not offering these to the public. They are only available for my friends that visit my page. Available TODAY ONLY! Come see me and don’t forget to ask for these, as they are tucked away in the cooler on ice.