I’ll Meet You At The DG Today!

I have:
Cabbages .75 lb
Cantaloupe $3 each
Purple hull peas $6 1lb shelled bag
Silver crowders $6 1lb shelled bag
Brown crowders $6 1lb shelled bag
Butterbeans $6 12oz shelled bag
Eggs $3 dozen
New potatoes $2.50 quart
Zucchini $1 lb
Peach preserves with chunks $4 pint

Message me with your order and I’ll meet you at the Dollar General on HWY 4, just 2 miles EAST of Senatobia.
We are cutting sweet corn off the cob for the freezer, shelling peas, and bagging peas in my kitchen today. Weeeee so much fun. We appreciate your support for locally grown produce!

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